Northern California Research

​​An Independent Clinical Trial Center


Norther California research is conducting a study for adolescent children, ages 12-18 years old, that suffer from chronic constipation. The study medication for this study is already FDA approved for adults. We are now seeking FDA approval for the use in adolescents. The study medication causes an increase in the amount of fluid in the intestines, making bowel movements easier. It works in a way that is similar to a natural protein produced normally and present in the body. This medication may help adolescents have more bowel movements, better stool consistency, and less straining during bowel movements

The study is 3.5 months long with 5 office visits to our site. All trial-related visits, tests, and medications will be provided to you at no cost. In addition, reimbursement for trial-related time and travel may be provided. Please fill out the survey and we will be contacting you to provide study specific information.

Adolescent Chronic Constipation