Mild Cognitive Impairment (Memory Loss)

Mild Cognitive Impairment
(Memory Loss)

This study is currently inactive

We are conducting a study for people who may have the clinical signs and symptoms of early Alzheimer’s disease. There is currently no treatment available that slows or cures Alzheimer’s disease. There are several approved drugs that temporarily relieve the symptoms of memory impairment and dementia. However, researchers are studying new strategies to prevent the disease from progressing.

If you have evidence of early Alzheimer’s disease this study may be a fit for you. Please fill out the survey and a staff member will contact you with more information.

All trial-related visits, tests, and medications will be provided to you at no cost. In addition, reimbursement for trial-related time and travel may be provided. Please fill out the survey and we will be contacting you to provide study specific information.

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