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About Our Clinical Trials

Our practice philosophy is an extension of the philosophy of life that we share. We play a part in the advancement of medication that will make a difference to people who suffer from various medical conditions.  We partner with Pharmaceutical Companies from around the world to bring you all of the latest advancements in medication and treatment options at no cost to you.  Our Investigators and Coordinators take their time when choosing studies for our site and are supportive of our patients throughout their entire study process.

We strive to treat all people with dignity and fairness.  Providing the best medical attention we have to offer is where we often exceed patient expectations.  Our attention to detail and customer service is what sets us apart from other clinical research sites.  We have been blessed with a great staff and countless opportunities to be of service to our patients and to our community.  Whenever possible we spread the word about clinical trials throughout Sacramento and the surrounding communities and reach out to those who might benefit from the care and treatment from participation in a research study.

We believe that clinical trial research has been the best health care secret in the world.  Many of our studies are already FDA approved drugs or devices.  Quite frequently our studies offer laboratory, nuclear, exploratory or other testing be done that a patient may not have had access to otherwise.  At Northern California Research, Every patient counts.  And it is important that we listen to our patients every step of the way.  We measure our success through our quality and performance auditing tools using key indicators for areas of improvement through the use of our audit tools and satisfaction surveys.

Northern California Research is getting ready to celebrate our 20th Year Anniversary of Clinical Trial and Research Studies performed at our site under the direction of both our Primary Investigator, Dr. Douglas Young, and our Program Director, Laurie Johnson.

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