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~Testimonials and Responses~

Physician Investigators

     I had been asking and asking my doctor to try Lyrica and he said I did not have the right kind of pain.  Well I know what kind of pain I have.  I wanted to try it.  Northern California Research wasdoing a study using Lyrica and I called. It was a totally different kind of experience all together.  They get you in on time for one.  They spend time with you and then they pay you!  And I will participate in another study you can bet on it!  It isn't what one might expect, it is much better.  Thank you!                                                                                                                                                                                 - Gus, Sacramento, CA

     Seeing my Grandfather with Alzheimer's Disease and learning more people die from it than breast and prostate cancer combined.  Knowing it is hereditary scares me very much, it scares my kids.  We have multiple generations that could be affected by it, yet no one talks about it.  Thankfully Northern California Research was doing a study.  Everything in the study was FDA approved.  Just not FDA approved for Alzheimer's Disease.  We are seeing a difference in my Grandpa for sure and our entire family is behind your efforts and hope for a cure someday.  

                                                                               - Sally, Cameron Park, CA

Douglas Young, MD

Primary Investigator

Gary Carson, MD

Primary Investigator


      Northern California Research, Dr. Young and his staff have  been wonderful in helping our family with our diabetes.  We are so grateful and you have an amazing staff.   

                                                                                           - Barbara, Roseville, CA

We base our success on our patients long-term health.  ​We believe in personalized care based on your health concerns.