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Northern California Research is conducting a study for people with asthma. The study medication is an orally inhaled product call Glycopyrronium (GP) Inhalation Aerosol used as an MDI. An MDI is a handheld device that delivers a specific amount of medication to the lungs.  GP will be tested against Spiriva (already FDA approved) or a placebo (not active medication).  You will be given Ventolin as a rescue medication.

You must be diagnosed and have a requirement for inhaled asthma maintenance therapy. These can include: Symbicort Breo or Ellipta Advir, Airduo, or Respiclick Dulera (Albuterol and Ventolin are not considered maintenance therapy inhalers).

The study is 6-7 months long and there will be 12 office visits to our site that will each last 2-4 hours. All trial-related visits, tests, and medications will be provided to you at no cost. In addition, reimbursement for trial-related time and travel may be provided, up to $1,066.

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