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Cytomegalovirus Vaccine Trial

This study is currently active

65% of us are carriers, did you know?

Northern California Research in conjunction with Moderna Pharmaceuticals is looking for volunteers for a new vaccine trial. Cytomegalovirus, shortened to CMV, is a leading cause of birth defects around the world. CMV is a common viral infection that usually goes unnoticed or only causes mild symptoms in most people. But if a woman becomes infected with CMV while she is pregnant, she can pass the infection to her unborn baby. This can cause her child to suffer long-term disability due to birth defects, including hearing loss, or even death in very severe cases. Currently, there is no approved vaccine against CMV.

Please watch this short Youtube video regarding the CMV and its effects.

To join this clinical trial, participants must be:

  • A woman between 16-40 years of age
  • In good health
  • In close contact with at least one child 5 years of age or younger for at least 8 hours a week, if age 20 or older
  • Not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant within the next 9 months

There are more requirements for participation. The clinical trial staff will explain the additional requirements and can answer any questions that you may have. Click on the link for more information about the trial.

There is no cost to participate and compensation will be provided up to $1385 for time and travel expenses.

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